V2S Prash




V2S Prash is Men’s-a effective solution for long-lasting in bed. This special vajikaran prash for men is prepared traditionally with ayurvedic organic herbs, mineral and bhasam. V2S Prash  formulated by our experts keeps the most common health concern of men in mind and how males can add the balanced ayurvedic superfood in their daily lifestyle for regular use. V2S prash is one of the best ayurvedic super food or you can say the best ayurvedic supplement for men which can be consumed on daily basis and can be a part of our daily diet like food as it enhances the drive in men for long-lasting performance in bed. The ingredients composition in the prash helps in the production and maintenance of testosterone and helps to improve sperm count and motility. Even this Prash can be used by a diabetic or a person suffering from hyper tension or high blood pressure as the herbs used in the formulation are very effective to manage blood sugar as well as BP


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